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Professional, specialized assistance for area agencies to help find the missing.

search dog working a fire scene

Missing children. Elderly Alzheimer's patients. Drowning victims. Criminal cold cases.


Located in Northeast Indiana, the members of the Indiana Search and Response Team train to deal with these and other specialized rescue and recovery situations. Our handlers come from emergency services, law enforcement and the civilian world, but all are trained in ground search, emergency medical response or advanced first aid, crime scene preservation and other disciplines necessary for the prompt and safe recovery of the missing. All handlers and flankers are certified Search and Rescue Technicians Level II or are working toward it through the National Association of Search and Rescue.


We are a staff of professional volunteers. While unpaid, we train at least twice a week as a unit, and constantly on our own, to provide those who call on us with highly-trained search teams across the SAR disciplines of trailing, area search, disaster response, and human remains recovery. 


Our K-9s and their handlers are certified through the same organizations certifying police and military working K-9 teams, such as the International Police Work Dog Association and the American Mantrailing Police Work Dog Association.


We only deploy at the request of law enforcement or emergency services, but we are available anytime. And we never charge agencies or the families of the missing for our services.


We are a 501c3 organization.

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